weekly/monthly arrangement


weekly/monthly arrangement

from 570.00

a seasonal nosegay, perfect for your desk or bedside, delivered to your door each week or once a month...

3 months: $1,500 
6 months: $2,400 
12 months: $4,680

6 months: $570 
12 months: $1,140

...or customize a weekly order for your home or place of business - contact us here for a consultation. 

note: we will keep your credit card on file and charge it weekly or monthly, depending on your order, for the duration you choose above.

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**as we do not see your full credit card details, the flower girl team will be calling you to charge for subsequent deliveries. orders may not be identical to the arrangements pictured. we work with what is seasonally available and/or fresh from the market daily, therefore colors and flowers will vary. these images are meant to convey style and feel. please contact the shop directly for the possibility of custom orders different from what you see, or to find out what's on the shelves that day! to assure same day delivery, orders must be placed before 1pm - no exact delivery times can be guaranteed - no sunday deliveries.